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Circular packaging

Designed to be reused unlimited times, after each use the NEU packaging is recovered, reprocessed, and reused for a new product.
The most sustainable packaging is the one that never becomes waste.

10x more sustainable

Single-use packaging is responsible for 700Mt of CO2, as much as the UK and France combined. The NEU solution is completely reusable, resulting in a climate impact 10x smaller compared to conventional single-use packaging.

Extend your product lifespan

The NEU packaging is completely air-tight. This means that it continues to protect your product from air and moisture after it's opened. Your customer will enjoy a fresh product for much longer.

Elegant masterpiece

The packaging tells the story about your product. With the NEU container, you're telling a story about sustainability and uniqueness. Give your customers a reason to show your product to their friends.

Zero complexity

Focus on your product, leave the complexity to us. The NEU model for zero waste allows you to keep your current operations while we take care of the entire reverse logistics.

Our Process

Three simple steps to become zero waste with NEU

We guide you through the setup phase, choosing the right size for your product, co-designing the packaging label, and highlighting your brand.


We provide you with the first batch of NEU containers and set up the initial operations in a limited geographical area to test that everything runs smoothly.

Grow together

NEU is growing its network of food retailers, both online and traditional, so you can keep your current commercial agreement and find new partners to position your zero waste products.

NEU zero waste platform

Focus on your product

We know what packaging is not your core competence. Let us take care of everything, so you can focus on your product. We provide you with the best containers and we organize the reverse logistics so that nothing gets wasted.

Zero waste network

Each retailer in the NEU network is able to sell and recollect the NEU containers, independently from which brand they served. Thanks to this important step we can offer the highest convenience to your final customer.

Growing wave

Every time a new retailer or a new producer joins the NEU network, every member of the network benefits from the higher level of service and convenience, ultimately easing the switch to a sustainable future.

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