Climate Impact

The NEU packaging is 10x more sustainable than a common plastic pouch. It's actually common sense: reusing packaging for hundreds of times saves the world from hundreds new plastic pouches from ever being produced and wasted.

The climate crisis

Climate Impact Assessment

-95% emissions

The NEU zero waste container has a 95% lower climate impact than the most common single-use alternatives.

No plastic

The NEU container is made of pure stainless-steel and silicone.
Completely plastic-free.

Perfectly reusable

The stainless-steel container can be reused an infinite amount of times, requiring only an extensive cleaning.

Sustainable labels

The product labels for the NEU container use recycled paper, ECO ink and ECO glue.

NEU zero waste packaging

10x more sustainable

The NEU container is created once and used an infinite amount of times. During its lifespan, it replaces hundreds of single-use packaging. No need to produce and waste plastic.

No more waste

Reusable packaging means no more waste.
The NEU container gets recollected and reused, so it never ends up in the garbage bin.

Road to zero emissions

We have compared the carbon footprint of the NEU reusable container with the most common commercial single-use alternative. NEU has a 95% lower climate impact than the best single-use.

Sustainable brands

NEU is the packaging choice of the most sustainable brands. Because when it comes to our future there are no trade-offs: now it's the time to show our planet that we do care.