Climate-friendly and food-friendly

We at NEU hate trade-offs. So we decided to create the best packaging for protecting your food and protecting the environment. Discover why we are so proud of it.

The NEU container

Designed to last forever

Single-use containers are designed to be cheap. They do the bare minimum to keep your product safe. The NEU container is made of food-grade, extremely resistant stainless steel, offering strong protection from external agents while being 100% safe for its content. The container has been approved for the German LFGB regulation.

Always fresh

The NEU container is completely air-lock and can be hermetically sealed infinite times. Thanks to its special silicone ring, the NEU container won't let any air or moisture pass, so your product can stay fresh for a long time after it's opened.

Zero waste

We designed the NEU container to be fully reusable without any compromise. It's completely made of stainless steel with a silicon ring to close it hermetically. No plastic, no moving parts, nothing. The product label is made of recycled paper and eco ink.

Different sizes

We developed four versions of the NEU container to offer great flexibility to food brands. There is really no excuse to keep using single-use packaging.

Metal elegance


Made of food-grade stainless steel, the NEU container feels robust and solid in your hand. It falls down? Not a problem. The NEU packaging is also plastic-free, BPA-free, 100% vegan.


Other packaging are designed to be cheap. The NEU container was designed to define a new generation of products. Sustainable, elegant, unique. Signal that you care.

Always new

After adopting NEU, soon you'll notice that your production of garbage decreases significantly. You know you're doing the right thing.